Our Concept in English

Educational and organizational concept of the project littlefuture2


A Summary
B Our Vision
C Our mission
D Our attitude
E The essence of our project
F The stories
G The age of our artists
H Our moderators
I ART = FUTURE, the conference
J Our schedule
K Our Team
L Legal
M Contact

A summary

littleFUTURE2 is an international art project using the power of art to make children strong and joyful and to create a desirable future for all

  • More than 100 children of different ages in the towns of Ebersberg, Germany and Dakar, Senegal, paint how they wish their future … in Ebersberg and in Dakar.
  • All the children´s paintings will create a large collage of the future, which will be shown in public in Dakar and in Ebersberg.
  • In Dakar, thhe collage of the future will be a official contribution of the Dak’Art 2018, the most important Biennale of Contemporary Art in Africa.
  • The exhibitions are accompanied by a one-day interdisciplinary public symposium on „ART = FUTURE How gets new into the world? The potential art has to influence education, innovation, science and future“ in the towns of Dakar and Ebersberg.


B Our vision
  • Each child has an inexhaustable inner potential of
    joie de vivre, vitality and positive creative power.
  • The creative process provides access to this energy and can establish a bridge between nations, cultures and religions.
  • littleFUTURE2 encourages children to shape their own future. Children begin to shape their future by painting their pictures.


C. Our mission
  • littleFUTURE2 promotes the intellectual, emotional and artistic development of children and youngsters in and between the towns of Ebersberg, Germany,  and Dakar, Senegal.
  • littleFUTURE2 creates a concrete interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue  in and between the two towns showing new ways to a respectful and peaceful coexistence.


D Our attitude
  • Our project is guided by the respect from us adults to our children.
  • The encounter with one’s own inner creative power and with the essential question of how children wish their future, is a very special moment in which we meet our children at eye level.
  • The children in this project are the artists and creators. They ensure the progress of evolution in their lives and in our lives.
  • It is very important in this project, that the children can feel intensely, that we believe in them.


E The essence of our project

„How I wish my future in Ebersberg?
… for me? … for my family? … for all?

„How I wish my future in Dakar?
… for me? … for my family? … for all?

Children …

  • of different age
  • paint how they wish their future
  • in the towns of Ebersberg and Dakar
  • create a direct exchange on the subject of future between the the two towns.
  • The designs for our future will be shown in exhibitions in both towns. The exhibition in Dakar is an official art contribution to the Dak’Art, 18th Biennale de l’Art Contemporain Africain be in Dakar.
  • Both exhibitions are accompanied by a one-day public multidisciplinary conference „ART = FUTURE How gets new into the world? – The potential art has to influence education, innovation, science and future.“ with keynote speeches, workshops and a panel discussion for children and adults.


The stories F

The exchange between the artists in Ebersberg and in Dakar happens in the form of four stories, that are led by our trained moderators.

Story I: The littleFUTURE2 project

  • Communication between children in Ebersberg and in Dakar about their personal lives, their current living conditions in both cities and their needs and desires for their future.
  • Form: Story, told by the moderators, supported by photos, video clips, social media.
  • The children recognize, that children of their age work in the „other“ town on the same project and that they think about each other.

Story II: Me and my personal world

  • „That’s me, my name is … and this is my life“ (parents, brothers, sisters, pets, hobbies, sports, …)
  • Form: letters written by the children, with first and last name and age data

Story III: My town

  • „This is my town Ebersberg / Dakar“ (my school, nature, weather, seasons, the profession of my father, our favorite food, …)
  • Form: photo collage … with first and last name and age

Story IV: My future, our future

  • It is very important that all children exactly get the same question:„How I wish my future in Ebersberg?
    … for me? … for my family? … and for all people?

    „How I wish my future in Dakar?
    … for me? … for my family? … and for all people?
    Children under 7 yearsof age get the question:
    „What is important for me in my life?“

  • Form:
    • Pictures in size 30 x 30 cm (in any technique, preferably painted)
    • In order to let the children feel the value and appreciation of their work, it is important, that high-quality material (paints, brushes, paper) are used.
    • Ebersberg quality watercolor paper (300g / m2) is to put the littleFUTURE2 initiators available to all children. Write all the children on the back of the paper their first and last name and her age.
    • All children receive a second sheet of watercolor paper. On this the children write their stories II, III and IV and also add their first and last name and their age.

Before the children begin to paint, the moderators ensure …

  • that the creative process is initiated in a relaxed atmosphere of the highest appreciation.
  • that all four stories are addressed before the painting is going to begin
  • that the stories are documented II to IV in a way that children can invite the children in the „other“ town to a mutual dialogue.


G The age of our artists

Children are most interested in other children their age. Therefore, in our project, children will be creative in three different ages.

institution Age of the artist stories
Kindergarden, nursery 3-6 Only Stories II and IV
Primary school, nursery 7-10 Stories I to IV
Middle school, high school 11-14 Stories I to IV

We pay particular attention to include socially, physically and mentally disadvantaged children to participate in the project.


H Our moderators
  • The moderators for littleFUTURE2 are the normal professional educators and teachers the facilities, the children attend.
  • The moderators are volunteers.
  • The moderators will be introduced to the project, …
    • how the storytelling and painting is going to be performed
    • how the documentation is performed.
  • The Moderators will, if possible, be personally supported by the initiators of our project.


I ART = FUTURE, The conference

„ART = FUTURE How gets new into the world? The potential, art has to influence education, innovation, science and future.“

The conference Is a one-day, public, multidisciplinary meeting.

Experts from the arts, from education, neuromedicine, innovation management, government, awareness and body work present in keynote speeches and workshops, how new gets into the world.

Finally there will be panel discussion with the children, parents, experts and people from public life.

The conference takes place at the locations Dakar and Ebersberg each with different speakers.

The conference itself and the results are documented in video clips.

Our open concept

  • All visitors to the National Art School during the time of the Biennial are invited to participate.
  • All artists, who are present at the Biennale at the National Art School are invited to participate.
  • All teachers and students of the art school are invited to participate.

Possible experts:

  • Arts: Formative Arts (painting, pottery, sculpture …)
  • Arts: Theater
  • Arts: Dance
  • Science: Education
  • Science: Psychology
  • Science: Medical / Brain Research
  • Science: Business Administration: Innovation Management
  • Science: Business Administration: Ecosystem Perspective
  • Science: Business Administration: Leadership
  • Governance: Governance of the city of Dakar

The key questions to the art experts (before the conference):

  • How new gets in the world?
  • What particularly provides good access in my discipline …
    • to my inner strength?
    • to my inner enthusiasm?
    • to my inner voice telling me what feels ok and what feels wrong?
    • to my mindfulness and empathy for me and for others?
  • What can I give children with my art?
  • What form can a workshop where children and adults feel within 50 minutes this power in my art and can experience?

The key questions to the other experts (before the conference):

  • What kind of people do I need in my discipline to create a desirable future for all?
  • What do I think art can contribute to this?
  • How can I integrate art into my work?

The objectives for the panel discussion

  • What experiences did we make during the workshops? What was particularly important?
  • What aspects are particularly useful to establish an inner connection among different people?
  • How can we put this into our daily practice?

The Schedule

10:00 Arrival, informal chats
10:30 Forum: Opening, welcome, introduction of the experts, agenda
11:00 3-4 parallel open spaces; a person (may be one of the experts) presents an idea or a motto: Everybody being attracted by the subject can join and contribute. Everybody is free to alter between between the open spaces. At the end the participants sum up their key impressions on a pinnboard.
12:30 Forum: Presentation of the key impressions


There are four tasks being especially important during the conference

  • Moderation and communication
  • Hospitality and PR
  • Logistics
  • Documentation (in the workshops and plenary)

There will be no catering. People are invited to bring enough food and drinks for themselves and their children and share it with other people.


J Our schedule
december 2017 Project started on 02.12.2017:
10 children from Ebersberg paint their vivion of their future at THE DACHSBERG INSTITUTE,  Ebersberg, Germany
february 2018 Preparation of the details of the project
March 2018 Painting  in Ebersberg, painting in Dakar
April 2018 Painting  in Ebersberg painting in Dakar
May 2018 The Ebersberg paintings are brought to Dakar and are presented to the small artists and their parents in Dakar; painting in Dakar

Online exchanges between the children of both towns

The Eberberg paintings and the Dakar paintings are official part of the Dak’Art, 18 th issued Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain in Dakar

„ART = FUTURE How gets new into the world? The potential, art has to influence education, innovation, science and future.“ during the Dak’Art in Dakar.

June 2018 All the paintings come back to Ebersberg and are presented to the small artists and parents in Ebersberg; painting in Ebersberg

Online exchanges between the children of both towns

The Eberberg and the Dakar paintings are in an exhibition in the Town Hall in Ebersberg

Conference in Ebersberg „ART = FUTURE How gets new into the world? The potential, art has to influence education, innovation, science and future.“


K Our Team

This private non-profit project is initiated, directed and performed by

  • Mamadou Konte, KON-T, artist and architect, Dakar, Senegal
  • Roland Günther, Dipl.-Kfm, HP Psy., THE DACHSBERG INSTITUTE Solutions + Coaching + future design, Ebersberg, Germany, dachsberg.org (Link)

Thanks to all participants and supporters!

  • Patrons: Robert Niedergesäß, District Administrator of Ebersberg and Walter Brilmayer, the first mayor of the city Ebersberg
  • Creche St. Sebastian in Ebersberg; Contact: Anna Renner
  • Nursery and Kindergarten „Les petits trésors“ in Dakar; Contact: Aida Konte
  • Secrétariat Général de la Biennale des Arts de Dakar Biennialfoundation.org (Link)
  • Goethe-Institut Dakar Goethe-Institut Dakar (Link)

  • For the realization in Ebersberg: Antje Berberich, Ebersberg
  • For the adequate feasibility Bettina Fück, Ebersberg (coaching and personality development for children and adults) THE DACHSBERG INSTITUTE (Link)
  • For the strong Photos: Thomas Hager (artist and photographer) thomashager.info (Link)
  • For inspiration: Elena Janker, little ART, Organization for children’s art worldwide, little ART (Link)
  • For the administration of the works and the translation of texts into French: Maka
  • For the arts innovative know-how: Bakary Sarr, Ebersberg (artist and Senegal expert) bakary.org (Link)
  • Rusydah ground squirrel, art therapist and coach: for art education concept rusydah.de (Link)

We thank

  • Michael Schmidle, pressure littleFUTURE2 information material  KS Druck & Medien (Link)
  • Mr. Devient, Hagebaumarkt, Ebersberg


L Legal

Participation in this project without any cost.

All participants (and their guardians for the children) consent through their participation a …

  • that they publicly make available the images and the personal stories of children for the project under the following rights:

„This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non commercial – No edits 4.0 International License .“

„This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License .

  • that photos and short video clips for the purpose of public project documentation and for the exchange between the two cities may not be made by the children. The individual personality rights of children are respected, of course.
  • After the two exhibitions all children decide together what to do with the images.


Contact M

c / o
solutions, coaching, shaping the future
roof Berg 11
D-85560 Ebersberg
(08092) 255 77 58
(0172) 835 15 65


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